Sunday, June 14, 2015

Donate to The Cohos Trail Association and receive...a rad HR sticker!

The roving offices of Humanity Running have officially landed in the Granite State!  We are looking forward to five weeks of getting re-acquainted with the Coös County region and preparing to fast-pack the Cohos Trail.  We're also hoping to get out and get dirty with The Cohos Trail Association, put in some work hours on the trail itself, and hang out with all of the amazing people who have worked hard for decades to make this trail a reality. 

Between now and the beginning of August, if you donate any amount over $5.00 to The Cohos Trail Association in support of their work and this effort, Rob will personally send you a sweet Humanity Running sticker in the mail!  Here's how it works:

  1. Visit the TCTA donation page and donate through their PayPal portal or send a check/money order to 
    The Cohos Trail Association
    PO Box 332
    West Stewartstown, NH 03597

  2. Email us at and let us know how much you donated and your mailing address.  We'll take care of the rest!

In no time, your mug/bottle/laptop/car bumper/etc. could look like this....

Stay tuned for more from the Great North Woods!  Gotta go run...

-- Rob Rives, 6/14/15