Monday, February 23, 2015

Closing In!

Excitement and nerves are running high - we are four days away from Humanity Running's first effort, the Razorback 48-Hour Run!  The month of February has been filled with preparations for the run, word-of-mouth sharing of Humanity Running's mission, and introducing a greater audience to the work of the Karma Project.  Here are some highlights:

  • First, THANK YOU to all of the wonderful people who have already contributed to the Karma Project in support of the forthcoming 48-hour run.  We have already raised $250 in advance of the actual race, and we have heard from several potential donors that will be contributing amounts based on Rob's final mileage.  This leaves us the potential of reaching the $750 mark, which will fully fund a year's worth of high-school education for a resident of Sibuje Village!  If we can climb towards the $1500 mark, then we will be one step closer to ensuring that Sibuje villagers have trained, local medical personnel.
  • We developed and produced a few stickers to help spread the message of Humanity Running.  Many more will be produced in the future, and we will be trading them for suggested donations towards Humanity Running's most current projects.  Here is a photo of the first batch:

  • A stunning team of experienced ultrarunners and exuberant enthusiasts has been assembled to assist and crew for Rob at the Razorback Endurance Race.  Stay tuned for photographs and anecdotes from the Humanity Running Team on race day!
  • We have partnered with two cutting-edge, sustainability-focused nutritional companies for our first effort: Yumbutter and IceBox Water.  In addition to creating delicious, wholesome foods and beverages, these companies both have a commitment to an enduring human future: Yumbutter through their Buy One: Feed One program, and IceBox Water through joining the One Percent for the Planet campaign and through their recyclable/compostable packaging.  Rob tests the watery goods:

Well, that's about all for now!  This Friday, at 6PM, Rob will begin the 48-hour run and we'll be posting updates to the Humanity Running facebook page.  Thank you all again, and stay tuned for more!

-- Rob Rives, February 23rd, 2015